Max Fisher

Max Fisher
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As a commercial and residential REALTOR®, I am here to help my clients build wealth and develop strategies through Real Estate that best suit each client.

I am a native Tucsonan and a very ambitious REALTOR®. I have a passion for real estate and I am third generation REALTOR®. I’ve been raised in a family where the discussions have revolved around purchasing and selling real estate and planning the built environment. At the age of 18 I went to Hogan School of Real Estate and earned my Real Estate License. My thoughts revolve around Real Estate. Real Estate is weaved into my DNA. 

“Until you trust that the product or service that you are trying to sell is the best decision that the buyer is going to make, you will never be in danger of making a sale”- Adam DeGraide

I believe that Real Estate is the best financial decision anyone can make. That is why I love this business so much. To me, Real Estate is much more than a certain area on Earth. Real Estate is life insurance. Real Estate is retirement. Real Estate is your children’s college tuition. Real Estate is leverage. Real Estate has limited supply and always increasing demand. Real Estate will never leave us. That is why I believe Real Estate is the best financial decision one can make. 

When I’m not showing property or working in the office, you can catch me hiking in the Catalinas, pursuing my love of photography, and spending time with family and friends. Feel free to text or call me at 520.465.9989